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Why choose us as your preferred business partner?

Our prime task is to match your business with the temp who is helping to create growth and make a positive difference. We want to establish close cooperative relationships based on trust and credibility.

When we send a temp to your company, he or she is carefully chosen for the specific task. We know our temps and their competencies based on thorough personal conversations.

Vikar til industrien og byggebranchen


We provide your company with a flexible workforce for shorter or longer periods.We can at short notice cover an urgent need for temporary workers and save you time-consuming and cost-intensive recruitment and obligations in relation to notice periods.In our database, we always have potential temps. All candidates are carefully matched to your exact wishes and requirements before they are sent out to you. We have business partners throughout the EU and our own office in Barcelona. All our temporary staff work under existing agreements!There is also a solution for that.

Try & hire

We offer a "try & hire progress". Your company and the employee during an agreed period assess whether there is a basis for continuing the cooperation.We have the temp, and we take responsibility in the months passes until permanent employment is a reality.

Vikar til industrien og byggebranchen


Work4all offers the individual company to help to find a permanent placement of the right candidate for a given vacancy. We always provide 2-3 candidates, who match the required qualifications.
The candidate is hired directly from day 1, however, Work4all makes a guarantee of 1 month - ie. If the candidate does not match the qualifications as described and agreed - Work4all will place a new candidate at no extra charge.

Certified test

We are certified by Master and use the company's tests and analyzes.
We are available with test tools and as a sparring partner when you need to change the staff.


In times of great technological advances, companies sometimes have to resort to redundancies.
Use us for Out-placement courses when you want to help your former employees to find new jobs.

European candidates for substitutes in the Iron and Metal industry

We know the challenges in the industry.
We specialize in delivering temporary workers with specific competencies and experiences that match the demands of the industry. We have partners in and are represented in virtually the whole of the EU. We see ourselves as the link between worker and company in a world where everything goes fast, we always work under and respects entered into agreements!

Our latest initiative is temporary agency workers!



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